We invite you to participate in a fun photographic challenge that you can share on your social networks

Good morning runners, today Saturday 16 the Run Phelan Week (Run Like a Hero 2021) begins until October 24. To help spread the word, we propose you a very fun photo challenge that you can share on your social networks.

How to take part?

1.- Enter the Run Like a hero Instagram profile with your mobile phone or click the following link

Desafío fotográfico

2.- Under the Featured Stories click on the effects icon

Desafío fotográfico

3.- Click on the image and then on test effect and that’s it! You can take the photos you want and share them with your family and friends with the hashtag #runlikeaherophelan

Desafío fotográfico

We hope you like this effect, you can download all the photos you take to your phone and share them on any social network. You can also share the effect as a message through Instagram. Help us spread the word about the race and achieve the goal of going around the world. Join the challenge!

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