by running 5k for someone that inspires you!!


Choose your own tour and run anywhere all around the world

From Saturday Oct 17 - Sunday Oct 25, 2020

What´s the Global PHELAN-MCDERMID Running WEEK?

Plan your ideal route and join “RUN LIKE A HERO” race by running 5 km from Saturday Oct 17 – Sunday Oct 25, 2020.

You can run or walk as fast as you want – there is no time limit!

Why run with us?

This run is about more than just putting on a pair of running shoes and going out of the door, it’s about being part of a community.

Join the Global RUN LIKE HERO Running week as the Phelan-McDermid Community comes together to celebrate the International Phelan-McDermid Day, on 22th October 2020!

Between October 17 and 25, lace up your shoes and run the world with thousands of other participants in celebration of a day that encourages everyone to stay active and healthy.

There are many running events but there is only one PHELAN-MCDERMID Running WEEK. With the funds raised we promote advance research, support families and engage the community in awareness and advocacy.

We run for solidarity – because we are stronger together!

Preparing your virtual run

Run Registration

Secure your virtual spot in the event by completing the registration form. Once you have signed up, you will receive by email your printable virtual bib to use it on the race.

Download the distance tracking app

Download the distance tracking app and register on “RUN LIKE A HERO” race to share it with your friends and truck your race. Plan your ideal 5 km route. In In the stipulated period (Saturday Oct 17 - Sunday Oct 25, 2020) the participant must complete the race

During your event: RUN!!!

Ensure your phone is fully charged Record starting your race on Belive and take a screenshot Take a Finisher's Photo to share with your fellow finishers Share your Finisher's Photo on Instagram # #Runlikeaherophelan



Tres categorías disponibles para que todos podamos correr. ¡Recuerda que todos los pasos cuentan!

Main Category

Run 5Km. Make your own itinerary !! Track the race in the app Belive

Phelan Category

Run or walk with your Phelan Family.

Donate Category

If you just want to help!

When we run?

Within the stipulated period, Saturday Oct 17 – Sunday Oct 25, 2020, the participant must complete the race.

Where we run?

Choose your own  tour and run anywhere all around the world.

What they say about Phelan?

Our Sponsors

They make this race possible. Do you want to be a sponsor?

Do you want to be a Sponsor?

Write us an email to and we will tell you how you can collaborate in this solidarity project

Do you want to volunteer?

If there is a volunteer program in your company and you want to participate with it on the race, write us an email at and we will tell you how.